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What is Wayfinding Signage?

Wayfinding is the process of providing information in order to to direct people through an environment, to their chosen destination as efficiently as possible. To determine what makes good Wayfinding, studying human behaviour and physical space has been essential to the subject’s development. Wayfinding is most often applied to large or complex environments such as University campuses, Hospital buildings and Office buildings, to name but a few. The most common form of Wayfinding information is Wayfinding signage and sign systems. This type of signage is more concerned with a sign system’s directional purpose rather than it’s ability to advertise or display extra information.

Goals of Wayfinding Signage:

How does it apply to modern day places and spaces?

Wayfinding signage is being implemented in many modern physical spaces and buildings. Hospitals are one primary place where Wayfinding sign systems are bringing about large-scale, positive change. Hospitals can be both equally confusing for staff and visitors to navigate. New wards, departments and buildings are constantly being created or changed. For appointments to be made on time and for potentially vital errors to be avoided, navigation has become a focal point in this industry. Both money and lives can be saved by a simple investment in a correct wayfinding sign system.

Similarly, in both educational buildings and campuses, as well as corporate office space, wayfinding signage is necessary to implement. In universities for example, the flows of students, staff and visitors is extremely high daily. Education relies on all the relevant parties to be able to effectively find their lecture halls, seminar rooms and university facilities. In the office and corporate world, clients and employees alike need to be able to navigate effectively to different parts of a building, if both sales and high worker productivity are going to be maintained.

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