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The Uniform Sign System is a system that provides both reliable and modern signage, whilst also remaining economical.

However, there is no sacrifice in quality with this sign system, featuring it’s smart Aluminium panel face, with a look that is evergreen and will never become dated.

The top and bottom parts of each sign are completed with a sleek, slightly rounded edge. The sign itself is bordered and locked into place via the caps on either end, which have the option of plastic or aluminium finishes.

The Uniform Sign System conveys your organisation’s brand and directions with confidence whilst also remaining cost effective. This system also utilises the latest materials and design-function, as well as a complete option for RAL.

Module Sizes

Where: The Uniform Sign System can be implemented in a range of locations, including: corporate, hospital, education, shopping areas and airports.

  • Reliable
  • Modern
  • Economical

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