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The Modular X Flat Sign System is one of the most flexible modular systems in the Select Sign System collection.

The Modular X Flat Sign System is a customisable system, with options for wall-mounted, double-sided and projection signs, as well as being completely modular.

Works very well alongside and matches well with other similar leading modular systems. It is a flexible sign system, utilising a well-designed holding strip that holds the front of the sign which features a beautifully flat aluminium face panel.

Whether you want to mount this system to the wall or have it suspended in a corridor, we can produce this to your particular specification. This system also utilises the latest cutting edge materials and design-function, as well as offering various colour options.

Module Sizes

Where: The Modular X Flat Sign System can be implemented in practically any location, including: corporate, hospital, education, shopping areas and airports.

  • Modern
  • Flexible
  • Professional
  • Tacticle & Braille

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