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The Guide Sign System is one of our best sign systems, with regards to wayfinding modular signage.

It utilises a clever modular-panel system, which means the Guide Sign System is both easy to understand for visitors, as well as easy to modify for the owner of the sign.

This sign can built to order, with as many modular panels as specified upon request. It uses a metal rod system to hold the modules in place, which can be taken out to either change the position of current modules you have, or to insert completely new ones.

The sign comes in a variety of standard RAL colours, however we can accommodate any RAL reference as a bespoke item.
Module Sizes

Where: This sign is the perfect wayfinding interior sign system for corridors and hallways. It can easily be used in corporate, hospital and educational buildings.

  • Directional
  • Modular
  • Wayfinding

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