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The Magnex Sign System is one of the most innovative and customisable modular systems in the Select Sign System collection.

The Magnex Sign System is a fully customisable modular system, with the option for magnetic changeable pannels.

This innovative sign system offers the flexibility of changing panels which are held in
by magnets. The laser cut acrylic can be cut to modular or bespoke sizes to suit the
ideas of the designer. The system can use magnets or be permanently fixed
depending on the use. The finish can be in any colour using a matte acrylic paint for
best effect.

With the advantage of Modular and Bespoke solutions, this system offers the
designer the flexibility to be different yet still maintaining the advantages of a
standard modular system.

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Where: The Magnex Sign System can be implemented in practically any location, including: corporate, hospital, education, shopping areas and airports.

  • Magnet Option
  • Bespoke
  • Flexible
  • Tacticle & Braille

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