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Over 20 years of experience within the office and corporate sector.

For many years, office spaces and corporate environments have made great use of sign systems. Ranging all the way from small desk and door signs, all the way up to large, wall-mounted, modular panels, sign systems have played an integral role in the physical space and organisational structure of office environments. Traditionally, large corporate establishments and enterprises have implemented sign systems within their offices. This still remains true today, however small – medium businesses are investing more than ever into sign systems as a more high quality and cohesive solution over standard signage within their office space.

The reasons sign systems have become so important within the business office environments is twofold:

  • Firstly, as businesses expand, often office spaces follow suite. Bigger office spaces means that an effective directional system that staff and visitors can use, whilst moving throughout corporate spaces, is imperative.  
  • Furthermore, even in a digital age, businesses still understand that their office space is their ‘front of house’ and therefore is representative of their brand. Sign systems truly make or break business.

Your Sign System: All of office sign systems are made to your specification. Practically any colour can be achieved with Pantone or RAL references, as well as more traditional silver anodised finishes (sign system dependent).

Office – example sign types:

  • Desk signs
  • Department signs
  • Meeting room signs
  • Directional corridor signs
  • Suspended signs
  • Floor plans
  • Reception & welcome signs
  • Facilities signs (Toilets, fire exit, etc…)


Look below to see some example ranges of what sort of sign systems might suit your office environment. 

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