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The Modular X Curve Sign System brings a classic and sleek finish into the Select Sign System collection.

The Modular X Curve Sign System uses only the highest quality of materials with panel finishes coming in options of Anodized Aluminium, Stainless and Brushed Aluminium.

This sign system works very well alongside and integrates effectively with other similar leading modular systems.
It is a flexible sign system, utilising an elegantly designed holding strip, holding the front of the sign which features a beautifully curved aluminium face panel.

The Modular X Curve Sign System conveys your organisation’s brand and directions with an air of sophistication. This system also utilises the latest materials and design-function, as well as offering various colour options.
Module Sizes

Where: The Modular X Curve Sign System can be implemented in practically any location, including: corporate, hospital, education, shopping areas and airports.

  • Curved
  • Flexible
  • Professional
  • Tacticle & Braille

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