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The Arc Curve Sign System adds a little more of a creative design over the rest of the standard sign systems.

It’s a very practical sign, being able to be used as a larger sign incorporating the modular panel design, or as a smaller plaque to be placed outside of rooms, departments or facilities with a symbol or number.

The Arc Curve Sign System incorporates the ‘curve’ concept twice within it’s framework. Firstly, the metal face of the sign is manipulated into a gradual and uniformal arc which brings out a certain modern 3D look to the sign.

Secondly, from a viewer’s perspective the sign’s edges look seamless due to the 180 degree curve along the edges of the sign.

Where: A classy sign that can be used within any type of building, in any size and for any particular use.

  • Curved
  • High-tech
  • Seamless

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