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When it comes to modern and stylish signage, the I-Sign System is considered a global front-runner.

Looking as though it were fresh out of a high-tech computer store, the I-Sign System features a silk-screened standard black background, with an option for any Pantone colour to suit your specifications for ultimate brand resonance.

Further personalisation has been integrated through the extra option of both the standard (square) or the optional scribed (rounded) corners.

With I-Sign, we have incorporated the patented Interchangeable Paper Systemâ„¢ which uses a clever roller mechanism to insert and remove paper, making it one of the most flexible and changeable signs in our range.

Module Sizes

Where: This sign truly is flexible, being commonly used in anything from meeting rooms and office doors, to menus and floor/evacuation plans.

  • Modern
  • Sleek
  • High-tech

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