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There is a growing importance for businesses, health and education sectors to seriously invest in wayfinding sign systems as a response to a new era where rapid and clear information wins.

Few companies underestimate the need to get their external signage right, projecting their brand in a high impact way and ensuring visitors and potential customers can spot them from a distance. However, the same attention to detail and emphasis on clarity is not always found inside business, health or education premises in the UK. Once you have people inside your site or building, the importance of signage doesn’t reduce. In fact, it is more vital in some respects, and could actually damage your reputation far more seriously than failing to have a logo emblazoned outside.


Changing Perceptions

Consider the way millennials see the world around them. An estimated 91% of adults in the UK own a mobile phone. That device, rarely far from their hand, can connect them and provide information 24/7. It’s instant, controllable and highly responsive. It means people these days expect the same instant and clear communication in all aspects of their life. And they can get easily frustrated and “turned off” if it doesn’t happen. If they are walking around your buildings or site lost, with little or no clarity of directional information, it can cause greater irritation than with previous generations.

Matches Lean and Agile Working

Mapping wayfinding needs for any company, and using the most appropriate interior signage, can make a big difference to customer experience. But if you have a complex building it can also save time. If your staff, visitors and suppliers can get to places easily and swiftly, it dovetails with the modern principles of lean and agile working.

Wayfinding Signage

Sending the Wrong Message

Having your stakeholders wandering around lost and having to ask for directions around your site, does not give the right impression of your organisation. A lot of effort and consideration goes into developing brand identities and tools. Yet you may be inadvertently giving a negative non-verbal message to your customers or staff if finding their way around is largely left to chance. One of the advantages of well planned and expertly produced wayfinding signage is that it can create subliminal messages. Constant repetition of your corporate identity, alongside clear instructions that are presented well, leaves site visitors feeling well informed and well looked after.


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