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In the UK, there is growing discontentment around the NHS, and more and more people are instead choosing to turn to private healthcare. It is imperative therefore that if you work at or own a private healthcare clinic, the overall service you provide is of the utmost quality. One small area that many often fail to give due respect to is the signage systems.


Here are three key reasons on the importance of providing quality signs throughout your private clinic, practice or hospital.


1. Quality

suspended corridor sign

When you think of private healthcare, you naturally think of a service that is the best of the best in its field. People classify private healthcare with quality, especially when compared to some public hospitals and medical practices. High-quality signage has the ability to come across as sophisticated and it displays style. Signs will be used throughout the customer experience of visiting your practice, from the moment they open the door until they find your office and enter it. Ensure your signage evokes feelings of trust, giving them further confidence in your medical expertise.


2. An Easy Service

People walking outside hospital

Hospitals are notorious for their complicated navigation systems and their ability to further concern already anxious visitors. Properly thought-out wayfinder signage is the clearest way to provide directions for guests to the hospital and make sure they can find loved ones as quickly as possible. Similarly, for those arriving for a check-up or to have something looked at that has been upsetting them, they want to be in and out as smoothly as possible. Clear signage helps achieve that goal.


3. Branding

bupa indoor sign

There are, of course, many private healthcare clinics all across the UK. Whenever you have someone arrive, you want to help them trust and use your brand again and again. Signs are a great way to reinforce your company brand and remind them of your name and credentials. Then, next time they need some services or need to recommend you, your practice is at the forefront of their mind.


If you’re looking to implement a new, high-quality sign system at your practice or hospital, then check out our amazing range. For high quality, sophistication and class, it could be good to start at the bespoke curve sign system selection that we have on offer.

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