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Creating internal signage for your business is more than just a practical way of directing employees and visitors around the building, it’s also a great way to communicate your brand identity and highlight important information.

Internal signage can be used for a variety of purposes, helping you to streamline access to your building when visitors arrive with deliveries or to attend appointments by providing essential information. Below we’ve highlighted the importance of internal signage and how using a bit of creativity can improve the experience visitors have when they meet with you:

1. Customer journey

Your internal signs will help to create a consistent customer journey throughout your business, directing visitors and staff throughout the building. Especially as it might be the first time people have visited your site, your signs can reassure visitors they’re in the right place. Much of a customer’s opinion of your establishment will be made before they even arrive at their relevant meeting. Just as a website has UX (user experience) designers, your physical space should also apply the same UX principles. In a world that is competitive as it is in 2017, your signs must be effective in helping your visitors find their way around the building, without searching for a member of staff to ask for directions. You can also avoid potentially awkward situations as private rooms are signed as such.

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2. Give a positive impression of your business

By using creativity in your internal signage you can give a positive impression of your business. People really take notice when you implement pride and a creative intent in the tactile/physical things such as internal signage. There are a large range of ways in which you can apply creativity to internal signage: From premium materials, and brushed metal to neon flex lighting, exciting materials all help to engage people using your building with your messaging. The more eye-catching and attractive your signs, the more likely people are to read and pay attention to them, and the higher your prospective customers will think of your establishment.

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3. Your brand

Another great thing about internal signage is that you can project your brand personality on to the signs throughout your building. We all know you’re probably proud of what your business stands for, but unless you incorporate this into your physical space via internal signage, your visitors are never going to know: Whether it’s promoting recent achievements or awards you’ve won, or highlighting exciting staff news, you can utilise your internal signage to share your brand personality throughout your building.

For more traditional signage, make sure that you are using a strong branding colour, theme and font throughout your signage that expresses your individuality. For a more creative physical space, perhaps use metallic finishes, smoked acrylic and 3D lettering formed off the sign to draw attention to key information throughout your building.

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If you’re looking for high-quality interior signage for your building, whether it’s a health centre, education facility, or office, contact Select Sign Systems today to see how we can help.

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