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Hospital Wayfinding is increasingly becoming an important part of a Hospital’s communications strategy. Wayfinding is an essential tool to develop user experience and in order to improve efficiencies within a particular Hospital. Here we discuss 4 key components when developing a hospital wayfinding strategy:

Clear and Consistent

A clear and consistent signage strategy makes it easier for the public to navigate any given hospital. By understanding how the public will process information we can begin to display communication systems which comply with our natural navigation abilities. Signage which is consistent throughout a building is much easier to understand and therefore follow to your required destination. Good hospital wayfinding chooses to be clear and precise in order to avoid visual noise which could be impairing a visitor’s ability to navigate efficiently.


Hospital terminology is riddled with jargon which average person may not know or understand. Such complexities within a hospital tends to lead to confusion and anxiety in an already stressful environment. Hospital wayfinding seeks to simplify such technicalities by offering a logical system which communicates clearly and efficiently.


Hospitals are environments that constantly change. Investments in the NHS to improve healthcare facilities lead to building extensions and renovations. Consequently the wayfinding strategy around a given hospital must be flexible. Flexible wayfinding means a system can by continuously improved and maintained to accommodate new buildings and wards. A systems which exhibits flexibility will also allow rooms and wards to be interchanged without significant cost in designing a new wayfinding system.


Digital technology is becoming increasingly important in all public environments. As the ownership of smart phones increases and Wi-Fi systems improve, mobile technology is beginning to become a significant aspect of our lives. In the area of hospital wayfinding we have seen a need for such technology to guide users around a hospital environment. Such a digital system allows for precise internal communications for all users through social media and booking systems. Digital technology can provide a distinct advantage when contemplating navigation and communication strategies.


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